Why do cockroaches come out at night?

Why do cockroaches come out at night?

Cockroaches are highly active during the night because they are grouped under nocturnal insects. It means that they feel more energised in the absence of daylight. During the night or in dark places there is very less risk of encountering people, which means they can carry out their activity more efficiently with less disturbance. Also, the presence of advanced night vision and light-sensitive organs makes it easier for roaches to explore and locate food in the dark.

Although cockroaches are noticed to be more active at night, it is not like they cannot survive during the day. They can perform all their activity perfectly in daylight also, but because of their biological clock which can be also known as hardwired survival instincts, they prefer nighttime for scavenging.

Why Are Cockroaches Nocturnal?

All living beings have their biological clock set inside them, which enables them to carry out functions or processes at a specific time. it is also popularly known as the sleep-wake cycle. this cycle decides the active time of the creature. While humans tend to be more active at night because of the energy they receive from the sun, the roaches on other hand resist light because it harms their sensitive bodies. The darkness of the night provides them with much more comfort and is highly beneficial for their scavenging nature.

What Are The Reasons To Prefer Darkness?

Cockroaches indeed thrive much better in the darkness. They can feed, breed, and do many other activities in the darkness because of the following benefits-
  1. Quietness: Roaches are animals that get easily startled even by the slightest movements. And the nighttime ensures quietness which helps them to accurately locate the danger.

2. Cool environment: The dark and cool environment of the night provides perfect conditions for them to navigate food.

3. Lower Risk Predators: Cockroaches are small insects, and become an easy target for bigger animals. But, in the dark, they have got the advantage in the territory.

4. Light brings danger: Cockroaches are likely to assume that a predator is present if there is an abruptly bright light, which puts the roach at a disadvantage.

How do roaches navigate in the dark

Sensitive eyes

Roaches can navigate in the dark thanks to their sensitive eye cells, which can retain light and improve their vision. Cockroaches never choose to come out during the day, but if they do, it indicates that your home is infested with cockroaches.


Cockroaches can see in the dark using their antennae. The antennae of cockroaches are covered in tiny hairs and these hairs are sensitive to even the smallest air vibrations. As a result, they can detect movement in their immediate surroundings. The roach perceives this movement as a threat and runs away.

The antennae are also sensitive to scent in the air. They can detect the chemical nature of any kind of substance, and avoid consuming toxic things.

Have You Ever Encounter Roaches In the Night

Nobody wants to come across roaches in the middle of the night. Roaches are frequently searching for food during these hours, it can be a few crumbs in your kitchen to the cardboard. Roaches prefer to remain hidden during the day. So seeing a roach during the day indicates that you have a significant infestation in your home. This is an alarming situation where you should immediately seek the help of an expert.